A week after finding freedom we would still like to thank everyone for the support we have received. We have still received some donations over the week which have been greatly appreciated and we have previsouly said that if the donations become higher than our own cost then all donations will go to ROHUS. There has been much activity elsewhere on the internet with people posting on their blogs and websites which is brilliant, as we set out with the aim to spread awareness. We have been searching through google and other search engines for articles and reports and there are many out there. There have been some fantastic articles which we will post here:

(IN English)

(IN Swedish)

Swedish Radio
Here is small selection of the ones we have found, there are more blog posts and articles too be found we will post more in the very near future. We have also had a letter back from the education department which will post here alongside the letter we handed at both the department of justice and the department of education.

here is the letter we handed in:

Here is the response we gained:

There was a fantastic article in the Katrineholms kuriren about the walk which we really though was one of the best articles we have found, it is in Swedish but really highlights some interesting points.

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