A week after finding freedom we would still like to thank everyone for the support we have received. We have still received some donations over the week which have been greatly appreciated and we have previsouly said that if the donations become higher than our own cost then all donations will go to ROHUS. There has been much activity elsewhere on the internet with people posting on their blogs and websites which is brilliant, as we set out with the aim to spread awareness. We have been searching through google and other search engines for articles and reports and there are many out there. There have been some fantastic articles which we will post here:

(IN English)

(IN Swedish)

Swedish Radio
Here is small selection of the ones we have found, there are more blog posts and articles too be found we will post more in the very near future. We have also had a letter back from the education department which will post here alongside the letter we handed at both the department of justice and the department of education.

here is the letter we handed in:

Here is the response we gained:

There was a fantastic article in the Katrineholms kuriren about the walk which we really though was one of the best articles we have found, it is in Swedish but really highlights some interesting points.

With much help from friends along away, we found freedom! We would like to thank everyone who joined us and everyone who helped and supported us. It was a long tough challenge but the support and help we received was an inspiration for us to carry on and keep up the effort!
It is really difficult to sum up the emotions and find the right words on how to explain the walk, I think we are just amazed by the support we have received, and we are really happy that we’ve managed to raise a little national and international awareness of the homeschooling situation here in Sweden.

We will keep posting news and radio articles as we find them and anything else we think of

Walk to Freedom crew

After 6 days of long walking we are now heading for freedom! We will drop a document to the justice and education department in hope that someone reconsiders the situation that many home-educators are facing in Sweden. We then hope to speak to press and the media at 4:30 at the terminalon in Slussen where we aim to leave from.

It would be fantastic if people could join us, we’ve had many people join us and help us  so far by taking part which is much appreciated by everyone. If your intereted in joining us please contact us


We have booked tickets for the core 8 of us walking the whole way on the ferry to Åland. It would be fantastic if people could join us in our quest for freedom. It leaves from stockholm at 18:00 from the Viking line terminal at Slussen on thursday the 19th.

so after a long walk to eskistuna then strängnas we’re nearly at the half way mark! We have had a great time in Eskilstuna giving out leaflets and walking round with the banner, this morning we’re off round strängnas to do the same! After that we head towards mariefred on another long journey :) morale is still good and we’ve managed to get our faces in the paper and the radio and make some contacts along the way!

Here is some links to the papers and radio:(in swedish)

So after a good first day we’re are now heading towards Eskilstuna, We’ve got a good 32km walk ahead of us to the outside of Eskilstuna with hopefully the weather we have woke up with, bright sun. Everyone’s a little tired and there’s some very achey feet but other than that morale is ok…….I think :)

Day 1, Today we set off to freedom and start from Askö(Vingåker) where the international home education camp has just finished and we walk about 20km and finish outside Julita. We’ve had a fantastic few days with some of the local media talking to us about the camp and the walk which has been brilliant!
If you’re interested in joining us we set off at four from Askö and head round Öljaren through Julita along the 214 :)


So after a fantastic week at Sweden’s international home education camp and having over 1000 views on the promotional video, we are only a day away from starting our Walk to Freedom. You can keep updated about where we are and how we are doing here or on our facebook and twitter page. If you’re interested in joining us we’ll tell you were you can catch up with us and how to get involved.

We would also like to thank everyone for the help and support and to please keep it going, whether it be sharing the video or sending a small donation every little bit of help is needed and appreciated.

Walk to Freedom crew

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